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Turkey's Anka-3 Stealth Drone Achieves Key Milestone in Maiden Flight


In a significant stride for Türkiye's defense capabilities, the recently unveiled Anka-3, the latest addition to Turkish Aerospace Industries' (TAI) renowned Anka drone family, has triumphantly completed its maiden flight. The event, which took place in Ankara on December 28, 2023, showcased the nation's commitment to indigenous technological development in combat drones.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressing optimism, took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to highlight the potential contributions of the Anka-3 to the country's defense. "Hopefully, our aircraft will make a strong contribution to our country's defense with its advanced technologies, design, and features," he remarked.

Source: Türkiye's Anka-3 stealth combat drone has a flying wing design and is capable of carrying a variety of weapons, including SOM-J missiles and Mk-82 bombs. The SOM-J (Stand-Off Missile-J) missile is a long-range cruise missile produced by Roketsan, a Turkish defense company. This missile has a range of up to 170 kilometers and can carry a warhead weighing 250 kilograms

Developed by TAI, the Anka-3 stands out as Türkiye's first flying-wing, deep-strike unmanned aerial vehicle, boasting low radar visibility, high speed, and a substantial payload capacity. During its inaugural flight, the drone reached an altitude of 8,000 feet, lasting an impressive one hour and ten minutes.

The drone's design, featuring neither horizontal nor vertical tails, allows it to operate covertly without detection. This, coupled with its jet engine for high-speed capabilities, positions the Anka-3 as a versatile asset for a variety of defense missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, and intelligence.

Source: TB-3 Anka-III The Pinnacle of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology - Turkish Defense

The Anka-3 is equipped with a low by-pass Turbofan engine, enabling it to achieve a speed of 150 knots during its maiden flight. It successfully executed a runway overshoot test, further validating its capabilities. TAI has projected that the drone will operate at altitudes of up to 40,000 feet and sustain flights for up to 10 hours at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

Source: TB-3 Anka-III Weapon display

The drone's maximum takeoff weight is an impressive 6,500 kilograms, with a practical payload capacity of 1,200 kilograms. This versatility extends to its munitions, allowing integration of a wide range of options, from commonly used UAV munitions to larger choices such as SOM-J, MK-82, and bunker-busting bombs.

The Anka-3's capacity for air-to-ground attacks, engagement of enemy helicopters, propeller planes, and UAVs, as well as counteracting enemy radar and air defense systems, makes it a formidable asset in Türkiye's defense arsenal. Additionally, its role as an operational and communication relay alongside other friendly elements further enhances its strategic value.

Source: The Anka III has a maximum take-off weight of 6,500 kg (14,330 lb) and an absolute ceiling of 12,192 m (40,000 ft). At 9,144 m (30,000 ft) it has a 10-hour endurance, a maximum operating speed of 467 kt, and a cruise speed of 280 kt. - Turkish Defense

Accompanied by the Turkish Aerospace Industries-developed Hürküs basic training aircraft and Anka UAV during its maiden flight, the Anka-3 marks a significant advancement in Türkiye's defense capabilities. As the nation continues to prioritize indigenous technological development, the Anka-3 represents a cutting-edge asset in Türkiye's pursuit of advanced and versatile unmanned aerial vehicles.


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